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Like what you hear? Think you can do better? Why not join the team. There are many positions to run a Radio Station, it not just the presenting, there are lots done behind the scenes.

Current Positions Available:


On Air Presenter:

This is the voice of radio, in this postition you are the one to entertain listeners with the music and your personality. It’s not just what we play that people like, its the content that you put in to a show. Jingles and resources will be provided.


  • Must have a working Microphone and Decent Internet.
  • Must have a large music library.
  • Must be enthusiastic to be a presenter.
  • Must be 16 Years old to be a presenter (This can be under the discretion depending on maturity.)
  • Must be able to speak English. (No matter if you are overseas, as long as your English is at a good standard.)

Joining Process:

You will start as a Trial Presenter which you will be in a probation period. After this probation period ends you will become a Full Presenter.

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